Our Philosophy

As a team, Andre and Michael have created one of the top stables in the country—Andre teaching and training, Michael running the business. They have done this by combining Andre’s vast experience with horses (hands-on, in the saddle and as a trainer) and Michael’s forward-thinking business mind.

Andre once said, “People sometimes ask me, ‘how do you do it? You’re showing up at shows with 70 plus horses.’ I have surrounded myself with good people. Most are people I’ve taught along the way—not all, but many—and so they’ve grown up in the system and they know it.”

The brothers have built a strong support staff—employing top farriers and vets to care for the farm’s horses. As the years went on, they purchased quality horses so that students would have competitive mounts to help them reach their goals.

And the farm’s foundation is built on a foundation of respect, due much in part to its family-oriented atmosphere. 

“I’d like to think that in 20 years if you asked people that worked here, they would say that I was a good boss,” Andre said. “Because I’m standing out in the trenches with my help, I understand the importance of good housing, of good conditions, or workload, of a good show schedule; of how much manpower I need to do the tasks I’m asking them to do.”

The consistent success of the farm continues to attract a clientele who is serious about competing—and winning—at AA-rated hunter shows, in national equitation finals or in the grand prix jumper ring, and the Dignelli brothers, along with the rest of the Heritage Farm team, pride themselves on making that happen year after year.

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