Heritage Farm

Heritage Farm is owned and operated by brothers Michael and Andre Dignelli. Michael and Andre's passion for horses started over 30 years ago and culminated with what has become known today as Heritage Farm.

Andre Dignelli came onto the scene in 1985, when he won the USET Finals under the guidance of Judy Richter of Coker Farm. He later joined her team as a trainer and later went on to win the bronze medal in the 1991 Pan American Games in Cuba. 1991 proved to be a great year, because the winning did not stop there. Andre trained his first national equitation final winner when Peter Lutz swept the Rolex USET Final and the Maclay Final. That year was the start of winning pedigree, which has gone on to include other top riders like Kent Farrington, Kirsten Coe, Maggie McAlary, Reed Kessler, Lillie Keenan and many, many more.


Michael Dignelli, Andre's older brother, manages daily operations at Heritage Farm and has been instrumental in its success. Often times working behind the scenes, Michael is the driver behind making sure that all of Heritage's facilities and staff are operating at peak performance in order to ensure the best customer experience possible. Michael is passionate about horses and is an influential figure in the animal and farm community. His younger son, Dean Dignelli, recently joined Heritage Farm and has enjoyed success as an amateur rider.

Our Philosophy

As a team, Andre and Michael have created one of the top stables in the country—Andre teaching and training, Michael running the business. They have done this by combining Andre’s vast experience with horses (hands-on, in the saddle and as a trainer) and Michael’s forward-thinking business mind.

The brothers have built a strong support staff—employing top farriers and veternarians to care for the farm’s horses. As the years went on, they purchased quality horses so that students would have competitive mounts to help them reach their goals.

And the farm’s success is built on a foundation of respect, due much in part to its family-oriented atmosphere.